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What to Consider Before Your Boudoir Session


When preparing for your boudoir session, attention to detail is key to ensuring a comfortable and successful experience. Wardrobe selection plays a crucial role, considering lingerie, clothing, or accessories that make you feel confident and reflect your personal style. Whether you're considering options from our exclusive Client Closet, bringing your own favorite pieces, or utilizing a mixture of both, styling is key to feeling great and exuding confidence. Follow the tips below for more items to consider before your session!

CLOTHING - This is an important component to consider when planning your boudoir photography session. Planning in advance, however, tends to take this potentially stressful preparation out of the mix. I like to tell people to consider what look you're going for.

  • If your session is an intimate boudoir experience, lingerie is always a winner. Black and bold tones are my go-to colors. However, choose colors based on your skin tone, something that complements your features, skin tone, and overall aesthetic. Lace is always a sexy addition. I love adding in those little extras that will amplify your session, too. Chokers, pearls, candy...these are all great additions. We have quite a few style pieces we love to incorporate into our sessions: body jewelry, fishnets, garter belts, etc.

  • If your session is a themed session, (e.g. - vintage pin-up) plan your outfit accordingly. Your hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and clothing will reflect the whole ensemble and either convey what you're trying to achieve, or leave you asking yourself, "Why doesn't this look like I envisioned?" Check out some photos online of goal images. What models are wearing, etc. If you're unsure, CONTACT ME! I can definitely guide you in what to wear and what will showcase your goal look.

UNDERGARMENTS - Wear loose-fitting clothing to the session to avoid any marks or indentations on your skin.

HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST - If you are planning on using one of our preferred hair & makeup artists, we will have decided on a look prior to your session depending on if you have a specific style you're looking for. Your artist will handle everything necessary in order to create a gorgeous appearance. The tips below will help you arrive ready to go:

  • *Plan to show up with clean hair and no makeup to ensure a blank palette.*

  • *If your hair coloring isn't up-to-date, this is definitely noticeable.* Please make sure your hair coloring is exactly how you love it and want it to look in your boudoir photos.

  • In regards to hair, again, what look are you wanting to convey? Pin-Up has a very specific look. Your hairstyle should be cohesive with your outfits. When planning your hair for a sexy shoot, long and luscious, short and glam, whatever style you're rocking, you do you. I want your hair to be in a style you feel most sexy in.

  • When selecting your preferred makeup look, I always suggest you go bold. Sexy and bold is perfect for any boudoir session.


  • Please make sure all nail polish is either fully applied, or completely taken off. This small detail can seriously irritate you for years to come and fixing it during editing is time consuming and an additional cost.

  • Choose a nail color/design that will complement your chosen outfits/style pieces.

BLEMISHES - If you are experiencing a small bruise, pimple, blemish, etc., NO worries! I can take care of these during editing. Minimal flaws are simple fixes and we pride ourselves in showing you at your best. I want you to feel confident and will do everything in my power to enhance your natural beauty without adjusting any permanent personal traits.

BODY WEIGHT & PERMANENT BEAUTY MARKS - We are firm believers in loving who you are. We will not adjust any natural beauty marks of any kind. This includes: moles, scars, weight, etc. We love every body and every BODY deserves love. Please remember a boudoir session is to embrace who you are.

BODY HAIR - I am completely supportive of every person's personal style. Whether you shave, don't shave, trim, etc., that's your preference. HOWEVER, if you prefer shaved and/or trim body hair, please take care of this the night before your session. While it's possible to remove some during the editing process, it is a timely and costly add-on that can be prevented with a quick trim/shave the day before.

SKINCARE - Moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your session to achieve a healthy glow. Avoid harsh treatments or excessive sun exposure close to your session date to prevent redness or irritation.

AVOID FAKE TANNING - Please refrain from using fake tanning products close to your session date, as they can result in uneven skin tones or streaks that may not photograph well.

GLASSES - Sometimes, glasses tend to create a reflection from our studio lighting. If this is problematic, I will capture some shots of you with and without glasses. Then, I will edit them correctly to ensure your photo is without any distracting reflections.

HYDRATION - STAY HYDRATED! Remembering to hydrate before your session helps to keep your skin looking its best and allows you to maintain your energy levels.

SUSTENANCE - Please make sure you aren't starving yourself! I know this can be a cause of insecurity, however, if you are "hangry", you won't enjoy your session. Having said that, don't eat right before your shoot. This could definitely cause bloating and sluggishness. Neither of which will help you feel sexy. ;) Plan to eat a couple of hours prior to your shoot. This helps to avoid any cravings, but gives your body enough time to process and avoid that full feeling.

RELAXATION TECHNIQUES - If you're feeling nervous before your session, try deep breathing exercises or visualization techniques to help calm your nerves. Remember, this is a fun, exciting experience meant to be enjoyable. Nothing to feel nervous about. ;)

REST - Aim to get a good night's sleep before your session to ensure you look and feel refreshed.

ARRIVAL TIME -  Please arrive at the studio at the designated time for your session. Even a few minutes early, is fine. Our hair and makeup artists will already be at the studio ready to go.

EXPECTATIONS - During your session, we'll guide you through posing and provide breaks as needed. If you have any specific requests or preferences, please don't hesitate to let us know.

PLAN AHEAD - Give yourself enough time. Double-check that you have everything you need for your session, including outfits, accessories, and anything extra we might've discussed. Try to avoid rushing around right before your session. If you feel rushed and stressed out, this will definitely be reflected during your session. Planning ahead as much as possible will help your session day go smoothly.

LAST BUT, CERTAINLY, NOT LEAST - Be excited! Boudoir sessions are legit the most fun! We're capturing something you'll be proud you captured, especially when you're older. Be in the moment. I want you to be able to look back on these images with fond memories.


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